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Imacro find element

By | 10.07.2020

Notice that the iMacros Browser is not available in all iMacros editions. See Features Comparison. This article primarily covers interaction with the iMacros Browser, however, the concepts and interface are fairly consistent among all the different versions of iMacros. Throughout this Wiki, iMacros commands and functionality are associated with browser icons to designate their applicability to a particular browser.

After installing the software, a new iMacros icon appears on the command bar of Internet Explorer IE. If you have already customized your IE command bar, you might need to manually add the icon or reposition it so it's visible. Please see this relevant FAQ for more on how to do this. Or run the program "iMacros. To start the iMacros Browser, select the program from the Start Menu, double-click the icon on your desktop, or run the program "imacros.

To become familiar with iMacros run the "FillForm" demo macro that is automatically installed. This demonstrates the basic features of iMacros in a straightforward way. It navigates to a test form, fills the form and submits it, then returns to the iMacros Website. We have invested a lot of effort in making the Graphical User Interface of the iMacros Browser and the iMacros for Internet Explorer as intuitive as possible.

This section explains the basic elements. The main window consists of three parts: the menu at the top, the iMacros sidebar on the left, and the browser window on the right. Web pages are displayed in the browser window using a tabbed interface just like other browsers. You control iMacros with the elements in the sidebar on the left. The iMacros sidebar is divided into two parts. The top half displays a tree view of all your macros when iMacros is stopped, and the current macro code when you are playing or recording a macro.

Only files with a. The Macros folder is specified in the Path settings. On the lower part of the sidebar, you can find the controls for recording, playing and editing macros, as well as the controls to change general settings and to access help. Note: Navigating through fields with the keyboard i. Before recording, it is important to understand the different modes of recording that you can use.

To select a mode, use the Recording Options menu item or open the Recording Options Window from the sidebar while recording. Note that the automatic mode never switches to Expert or DirectScreen mode. If you need these recording modes, please select them manually. This mode is for advanced users: iMacros does not select just one attribute as in the automatic mode, but instead creates a TAG command that consists of all attributes of the clicked HTML element.

The purpose is to give the user a quick overview of all of the element's attributes. Typically the user will use such a TAG command as a starting point, and then delete the attributes that should not be used.

Often this is more convenient than building such a TAG command manually. You can disable the checkbox "Prefer element ids in selectors" to force iMacros for using another attribute. Modern websites rely heavily upon CSS selectors and unique ids, so this mode will work well in such modern web pages. In addition to clicking elements, these commands can also send mouse and keyboard events to Javascript-rich pages. This is the ultimate solution if everything else fails.

It simulates standard mouse clicks and movement within the browser window.A key activity in web automation is the extraction of data from websites, also known as web scraping or screen scraping. Whether it is price lists, stock information, financial data or any other type of data, iMacros can extract this data for you and either re-use the data or store it in a file or database. Also, iMacros can make use of the powerful scripting interface to save data directly to databases.

Please see the updated Demo-Extract for some examples of this, including the following:. Table extract commands can be easily produced and checked using the Text Extract Wizard. If the element chosen is a table, the table data is properly formatted and displayed in the wizard. Note: The extraction wizard is only available in the iMacros Browser and iMacros for Internet Explorer But the generated commands can be used in all iMacros versions.

If the information you want to extract is inside a framed website you need to have a FRAME command to mark the frame as active for extraction. In order to manually create an extraction tag, it is necessary to first record a TAG command. In record mode, click on the data to be extracted. Starting with iMacros You can extract the tooltip content with iMacros:.

The qTip tooltip plugin for the jQuery JavaScript framework uses not the title attribute but a custom attribute named "data-qtip":. To extract a complete web page or the complete header or body you need to manually insert the appropriate TAG line.

imacro find element

Please see the examples:. Example: Demo-Extract-Table. This method works well with simple, well-formatted tables. For more tricky table extractions you always have the option to extract them cell by cell as shown in the!

iMacros Overview

You can use the Text Extraction Wizard to see the resulting extracted table, but in this case, for visual simplicity, the inner tables are shown as plain text, without the delimiters.

This TAG command finds the page's title element. Please see the example:. To extract the URL of a website as shown in the browser address bar please use the built-in! When manually running a macro with an extraction TAG, by default the extraction will be displayed on the screen.

This facility can be switched off using the following command:.

imacro find element

If in the Options dialog you have checked "Use regional settings in CSV files", the "comma" between each extraction is going to be your system list separator a semi-colon ";" for instance instead of ",". With the next start of the macro or the next round of a loop a new line is added to the file.After each command, the Scripting Interface returns a code.

You can use this return code to find out whether a command succeeded or not. The general rule is:. Redirected from Error-Codes. Jump to: navigationsearch. The general rule is: Success return code greater than 0 Currently there is only one success code: 1 Failure return code less than 0 Notes: The code is sent via the Scripting Interface or command line interface.

You can use this return code to find out whether a macro succeeded or not. These error codes should not be confused with the Scripting Interface Return Codes which are between -1 and Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Home Home. Samples and Tutorials Sample Code Tutorials. This page was last modified on 4 Marchat This page has been accessedtimes.

About iMacros.

10 Best iMacros Alternatives in 2020

Aborted: User pressed the Stop button in the iMacros sidebar. Typically, you can check this value to see if the user wants to exit the application. Browser Closed: User pressed the Window Close button in the browser. This code does not apply when using the built-in Javascript scripting interface in Firefox. Not In Playback Mode: Error occurred while macro playback is not active recording or idle mode. Invalid Playlist: Invalid playlist specified for playback. Either the file can not be found or it is not parsable as json Command Line error.

Wrong Decryption Password: Incorrect decryption password supplied. File Not Found: Filename specified in the macro command e.

How to Automate Data Entry in a web form using excel macros

Page or Download Timeout:! No Dialog Handler: The Dialog Manager detected a dialog, but the handler for this dialog type is not enabled. Missing command ON Only from Scripting Interface. Illegal Imagesearch Subregion: ImageSearch subregion is either not completely contained in the source image, or smaller than search image, or not a rectangle. Document Null: Failed to run a command because no page has been opened in the web browser or could not retrieve the page source document is null. Internal error: proxy module is not available unlikely to happen, was introduced to handle cases when a user had Chrome version where module was not yet supported.You can use the Find feature in the Visual Basic Editor to quickly locate the statements or properties that need editing in your Excel macro.

This dialog box is very similar to the one you use when finding entries in your Excel spreadsheet. The main difference is that the Find dialog box gives you different choices for what to search for in addition to the familiar options for finding whole words only and matching case :.

Current Procedure option button to search only the current programming procedure in the Code window. Current Module option button to search only the macros in the current module the default. Current Project option button to search all the macros in all modules within the current project.

After you enter the Visual Basic property or statement as your search string in the Find What text box, select the search options, and click the Find Next button, Excel attempts to locate its first occurrence in the code. When it does, the program highlights that occurrence in the current procedure, module, VBA project, or selected text block depending on which Search option you use.

To find the next occurrence, you can click the Find Next button in the Find dialog box again or, if you close this dialog box, press F3. If you have a number of occurrences throughout the macro that require the same type of updating, you can use the Replace feature to both find and replace them in the macro code.

Note that you can open the Replace dialog box from within the Find dialog box by clicking its Replace button. The Replace dialog box that appears is just like the Find dialog box, except that it contains a Replace With text box along with the Find What text box and has Replace and Replace All buttons in addition to the Find Next button.

After entering the property or statement to find in the Find What text box and the one to replace it with in the Replace With text box, click the Find Next button to locate the first occurrence in the current procedure, module, VBA project, or selected text block depending on which Search option you use.

After this occurrence is selected in the Code window, you have it replaced with the replacement text by clicking the Replace button. Excel then locates the next occurrence, which you can then replace by clicking the Replace button or pass over to find the next occurrence by clicking the Find Next button.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am using the following code in iMacros for Firefox to select an element on the site, which works fine, as long as the element exists and is in the same order.

imacro find element

However, if the field is missing, it will skip to the next field which will, in essence, result in data being inserted into the incorrect row. I have tried a variation of strings to no avail, but I woulf imaging something like this is possible:.

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Dark Mode Beta - help us root out low-contrast and un-converted bits. Related Hot Network Questions. Question feed. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.Automate tasks across Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. There is no new scripting language to learn, you have full programmatic control over the web browser, so even the most complex tasks can be scripted. Learn More. Automate functional, performance, and regression testing across any website technology including Java, Flash, Flex or Silverlight applets and all AJAX elements — and capture exact web page response times.

Export macro to Selenium WebDriver code. A complete toolset to screen-scrape web data into your database, spreadsheet or any other application. Interface your software with online databases and websites sites like Amazon, Ebay or salesforce.

Automatically enter data in online forms — on a regular basis or only when triggered by another program or script.

iMacros 12.6 Now Available

Upload data from a spreadsheet to a website, or populate an Excel sheet with data from a website. Automate Tasks Across All Major Browsers Including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome iMacros web automation software works with every website to make it easy for you to record and replay repetitious work. Web Testing Automate functional, performance, and regression testing across any website technology including Java, Flash, Flex or Silverlight applets and all AJAX elements — and capture exact web page response times.

Data Extraction A complete toolset to screen-scrape web data into your database, spreadsheet or any other application. See Whats New. What can you do with iMacros?

C++ : How to find an element in vector and get its index ?

Update Internal Systems Update internal systems with the latest exchange rates and stock-market quotations. Interface with Online Databases Interface your software with online databases and websites sites like Amazon, Ebay or salesforce. Automate Form Data Entry Automatically enter data in online forms — on a regular basis or only when triggered by another program or script. Integrate Business Data Gather and integrate price, quantity, item name, description, etc.

Integrate with Excel Upload data from a spreadsheet to a website, or populate an Excel sheet with data from a website.Interaction with a web page requires a user to locate the web element. Find Element command is used to uniquely identify a one web element within the web page. Whereas, Find Elements command is used to uniquely identify the list of web elements within the web page. FindElement command syntax: Find Element command takes in the By object as the parameter and returns an object of type WebElement.

Below is the syntax of FindElement command in Selenium web driver. It is the responsibility of developers and testers to make sure that web elements are uniquely identifiable using certain properties such as ID or name. It returns an empty list if there are no elements found using the given locator strategy and locator value.

Below is the syntax of find elements command. Find Element Find Elements Returns the first most web element if there are multiple web elements found with the same locator Returns a list of web elements Throws exception NoSuchElementException if there are no elements matching the locator strategy Returns an empty list if there are no web elements matching the locator strategy It will only find one web element It will find a collection of elements whose match the locator strategy.

Open the AUT 2. Find and click radio button package com. By; import org. WebDriver; import org.

imacro find element

Find the text of radio buttons and print it onto the output console package com. List; import org. WebElement; import org. Find Elements command returns a list of web elements that match the criteria. Find Element command throws NoSuchElementException if it does not find the element matching the criteria. Find Elements command returns an empty list if there are no elements matching the criteria. Screenshots are desirable for bug analysis.

Selenium can automatically take screenshots during What is Chrome Options class? Chrome options class is used to manipulate various properties of In this tutorial, we will learn, Store commands, Echo commands, Alerts and Popup handling. What are Broken Links? Broken links are links or URLs that are not reachable.

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